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Legal Disclosure

VapeRevs.com is an e-cigarette review website and may receive free samples of products with the scope of reviewing them, affiliate compensation from click-throughs or other types of ad revenue that may be visible on vaperevs.com.
Every product is tested with care and well analyzed by our team. At the end, we express our pure opinion about the product itself without being influenced. We don’t accept any artificial paid reviews with the scope to boost the product rank in our classification.

Electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device and are not marketed as a “stop smoking product.”
The information found on www.vaperevs.com describes our pure opinion only about the product. We are not liable for fault or harm caused by someone believing this information to be the recommendations of a medical professional.
Contact your medic if you want to know exact information about the vaping devices and if you can use them.

Affiliate Disclosure

We really appreciate your interest in our work and we will be very clear from the beginning.
Our website is generating a part of the revenue from “affiliate links.”. When the link is clicked and a purchase is made vaperevs.com will receive a small commission. In this way, we can continue to create more trustful reviews.
Thank you for your support!