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5 Smok electronic cigarettes to consider


Well established electronic cigarettes manufacturer, Smoke has become one of the top chooses when it comes to vaping devices. Their community promotes vaping as an “attitude”, selling smoke personalized products like hats and t-shirts.

When it comes to vaping devices, Smok offers a large range. From starter kits up to mechanical mods, all the products can be found on the official store page.

Bellow is a list which contains the top 5 “must-have” (from our opinion) Smoke devices and their main characteristics.

Smok G-Priv 2

The G-Priv 2 device is full of features, having a big 2inch highly sensitive display and a cool interface. Is capable of performing in watt mode and temperature control mode. Having many safety features and also providing an interface for puff count. This device comes also in the Luxe Edition, featuring high-quality materials with a beautiful finish. The menu is easy to read and use and also highly customizable. The big fire button placed on one side of the mod performs perfectly, being clicky and easy to press even if you have big hands.

Smok X-Priv Baby

The smaller brother of G-Priv 2, the Smok X-PRIV Baby has a build in battery fo 2300mAh and is able to output up to 80W of power. Featuring the same 2inch high-definition display that we find on G-Priv 2 and also the big fire button which, in this case, has a much ergonomic shape being easy to keep in hand. The menu theme is a little different from the one we find on G-Priv but it offers quite the same functionality.

Smok T-Priv 3

A big monster capable of a maximum output of 300W. This mod uses 3 x 18650 batteries which make it a little bit heavy. However, you don’t buy this mod because is pocket-friendly but because it can fire at high wattage. Features customizable side lights integrated into the “Transformer” design, its firmware upgradable and easy to customize. The kit comes with the TFV 12 Prince atomizer which I think is the best match for this mod if used with the V12-X6 coils.

Smok FIT Kit

Designed in mid with the word “portability”, the Fit Kit is one of the smallest vaping devices on the market. Is a refillable pod system which is available in 3 colors: gunmetal, blue and red. The performance of this pod system isn’t noteless. The hit you get is amazing.

Smok Alien

One of “best selling” mods out there, powered by 2 x 18650 batteries with a lot of features. One of the first Smok mods with a large fire button placed on the side. Easy to hold and hand and fire. With a maximum output of 220W and intelligent VW/TC mod management. Over 3 million units sold over the last 2 years.

Those are some of the Smok mods to consider. However, opinions can be different from person to person. Leave us a comment with which mods from Smok you think should be on this list.

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