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Countries where electronic cigarettes are restricted


Travelling is fun, we all knew that. But as a vaper, you should be aware of the vaping conduct in some countries. Bellow is a list of countries that have restricted electronic cigarettes in different ways.

Australia – Restricted

Nicotine in Australia is classed as an Schedule 7 poison, being prohibited to sell it except as licensed medication. Nicotine-free liquids and devices can be sold legally.

Vaping in Finland

Finland treats e-liquids containing nicotine as medicine like product requiring doctor’s prescription. E-liquids with nicotine are not sold in Finland. Selling vaping hardware is legal.

Vaping in Hungary

Vaping industry in Hungary is covered by the same rules as for tobacco products. E-liquids with nicotine can be sold in the country by government regulated shops.

Vaping in Norway

Esigarett (norwegian for e-cigarette) industry has strong rules. Vape shops like Friske Drag can sell only eliquids without nicotine in the country. However, Norway citizens can buy vaping products from other EU country. More about Norway vaping rules in this article.

Vaping in Canada

In Canada, electronic cigarettes are legal to be used by individuals. However, rules have been applied at municipalities and provinces levels. You can read the regulations apply to each region on Canada vapes website.

Vaping in Japan

E-liquids with nicotine in Japan cannot be sold even with doctor’s prescription as nicotine is not covered under the pharmaceutical law. Buying nicotine from other states is allowed.A rule for travelers: The maximum quantity of e-liquid containing nicotine that can be imported in the country is 120ml.

Vaping in Iran

In Iran the sale of e-cigarettes is illegal being an Islamic country, religious authorities prohibit the consumption of nicotine. Some stores do sell e-cigarettes at high prices.

Vaping in South Africa

Vaping in South Africa(SA) has its limitations. The owners of public spaces/malls/restaurants can choose if vaping is permitted or banned. E-cigarettes are treated as like normal cigarettes because these products resemble normal cigarettes.

Vaping in Denmark

Vaping Denmark is permitted. Restrictions apply to the age of the buyer and where the e-cigarette can be used(public spaces/malls/restaurants). E-cigarettes are treated as normal cigarettes in terms of regulations.

Vaping in New Zealand

New Zealand has normal restrictions on e-cigarettes. Age restriction is applied (18 years minimum age). Advertising of electronic cigarettes in public spaces is not allowed. One downside is the hight price of e-liquids, being more convenient to buy normal cigarettes instead.

Are you living in one of the countries above and you think there is something to add or edit? Leave us a comment below. This list will be updated.

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