Home News Italy: Suspended the tax for liquids without nicotine!

Italy: Suspended the tax for liquids without nicotine!


Great news for italian vaping community. The tax on e-liquids without nicotine(0,3976 euro/milliliter) has been suspended. Meanwhile, the e-liquids with nicotine still have the big tax.

Suspended the tax on e-liquids without nicotine

What this means?

First of all, no tax on liquids that can be vaped including pure flavors for vaping proposes, VG and PG already mixed and all mix and vape TPD e-liquids (that require 10ml of neutral e-liquid with or without nicotine before use). The tax is still applied on flavored e-liquids of 10ml with nicotine and nicotine shots.

The news has been already shared by well known italian vaper Il Santone Dello Svapo on his YouTube channel, consulting the original source on Sig Magazine.

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