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Norway – soft rules for electronic cigarettes?


Norway is well known for its strict regulation on vaping and tobacco products since 2016. The limitations are plenty. Frist of all it is illegal to sell/buy e-liquid containing nicotine (and tobacco products), as part of the tobacco-free local legislation. But is legal to buy these products from other countries who are in the EU zone.

The status of smokers in Norway

The last report released by the Norway public health officials show us some interesting facts.
The smoking rates among women’s with the age between 16 and 24 years are 1%(down 29% from 2001) and for men from 29% down to only 3%. As we can see, smoking is losing ground.

How about vape shops?

Well, the past is dark but the future is bright. In 2011 the first ecig shops start to rise. As we well know, the hardware was limited back then. The vape pens started to get well known. Friskedrag, a well-known vape shop in Norway started their activity in 2013, in 2014 vaping started to be seen as a real alternative to smoking.

As the years past, here we are in 2016, where the things started to be difficult. Many vape shops have closed due to the impossibility to align with the new legislation rules.

2018 will bring new changes as e-liquids with nicotine will become legal. If you are in a TPD regulated EU country then you know the rules, but is important to remember that TPD doesn’t prohibit the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine which will be an important change in Norway.

What about traveling to Norway?

Norway is a beautiful country, which definitely worth to be seen. But how about my vaping liquids? Will be confiscated? Well is hard to say. The legislation is somehow clear in one way. The consumption of these products require a doctor’s note but if you’re making a short trip then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Let’s look at the future

E-cigarettes (or e-sigarett in the Norwegian language) seems to be, year by year, rasing to the main goal “a free-tobacco world”. Some nations are based on the tobacco industry and they try to fight against the change. I don’t blame them. Is an important factor in the country economy.

But one thing is sure. As electronic cigarettes seem to have a better impact on the people health, the trend will go up and up. Helping more smokers to quit and improve their lives.

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