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Should i continue vaping or should i stop?


Maybe you’ve asked yourself the same question one day. You escaped the normal cigarettes trap and substitute it with a new one, vaping.

“Is this the real meaning of stop smoking?”

In this article i will try to analyze the new “habit” you fell in and refresh your mind with the truth and maybe, just maybe, i will improve your life.

Why have you start vaping after all?

One, two or three pack smoker, you knew is bad for your health and your wallet so one day you go inside a vape shop.

You knew they existed for some time, some of your friends where already using e-cigs, but you where not convinced, yet.

Today is a new day, you tell yourself, “I will quit” is embedded in your mind and you truly believe it. You wait your turn until the guy from the shop will soon be at your disposal.

When your turn arrives you say “I want to quit smoking”, but you know is not true. You are just trying to eliminate the “smoke” part because you know is bad.

You still love “smoking”, the feel, the habit, the movement you make with your hand, the hit you get from all the toxins. After all, this is why you are here, in the shop.

Without any hesitation the seller starts to unveil the amazing world behind vaping starting with the type of e-cig, the type of e-liquid and of course the nicotine level.

Wait a minute, “nicotine?” you say. The guy affirms saying that “without nicotine you will rapidly ignite your next normal”.

Can you follow me? The bold words in the last two paragraphs will give you a hint about the main sub-activity behind vaping, selling nicotine.

Nicotine, highly addictive substance, used as insecticide, rewarding your nervous system every time it enters your body. The problem is that is wearing off quickly and you need more to sustain the chemistry inside you.

“Is the same trap you get with normal cigarettes.”

Is this what you wanted?

I don’t condemn the vape shop owners for this approach. After all vaping is supposed to be more “healthier” than the normal cigarettes and surely they help people reducing the intoxication level.

But ask yourself, Is this what my life will be?

Dependent of this substance? Inhaling nicotine just to feel like a regular person?

Believe me, if you stop smoking and vaping nicotine right now, in 3 weeks you will be a “new man”.

Nothing bad will happen to you, i promise.

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