Augvape V200 200W box mod intro

With an expanding vaping market, it is clear that manufacturers try to come up with the best ideas and sources of inspirations in order to create more evolved vaping devices. So, it seems like the Augvape found the perfect combination between cars engine and vaping, alongside with classical touches and the result is the brand new V200. All that is left to do is to get this mod and review it just for you guys! So let’s start!

The Augvape V200 is available in black, red or white. As you can see there are not so many color options, still, the versions available look awesome.

Inside the box, you’ll find the V200 mod itself, a USB cable and a user manual. You will still need two 18650 cells, some juice and a nice atomizer in order to start using the mod.

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Augvape V200 200W box mod specifications

360° of Augvape V200 200W box mod

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    Augvape V200 200W box mod
    Size: 87.50mm by 45.00mm by 29.20mm
    Weight: 136.40g
    Battery type: 2 x 18650 battery
    Power: from 5 to 200W
    Materials used: Zinc Alloy

    Augvape V200 200W box mod features

    5 to 200 W output range

    The Augvape V200 is capable to offer up to 200W beaing able to sustain atomizers with low resistance creating rich and dense clouds.

    0.96 inch OLED display

    The bright screen available on the mod will be your help in making the wanted adjustments just to make sure that the vaping experience is more personalized than ever. Also the screen always provides useful information for a more accurate usage of the features included in the mod.

    Oversized hidden firing button

    The V200 includes a nice and big fire button that is well masked for a discrete touch added to the design of the overall look of the mod. This is how Augvape promises to provide you a great working mod with a bit of a twist that will transform this device into a more interesting one.

    Augvape V200 200W box mod – Diving in

    Augvape V200 200W box mod review

    So let’s start as usual with the appearance. The mod has a nice rectangular shape, and it adopts a sort of sporty style. In the creation of the design of this mod, the Augvape cosidered the Honda Vtec car as a source of inspiration, and I think the result is pretty nice. The zinc alloy construction is great as the mod is not only stealthy but also lightweight. It feels comfortable to keep it in hand and the finish is made at pretty high standards.

    Now, what’s the interesting part of the mod, actually is the interface. On the front side there is a large OLED screen that looks pretty nice and bright. Still, the screen is not that bright in order for the information to be readable in the sunlight, but I don’t consider that such a big of an issue.

    The screen provides useful and important information such as output mode, wattage, voltage, resistance and firing time. A really nice touch regarding the information is the fact that the screen provides separate life indicators in both percentage and charts for the two cells needed for the mod to work. This is how any vaper can get more accurate details about the cells estate.

    There is a trick with the fire button as it is hidden somehow ,and, at the first sight might look that is also a part of the screen. It even took me a little bit of time to sort that out as first I thought that the toggle button is actually the fire one. The discrete touch is really OK as many vapers don’t really fancy with big and bulky buttons. However, the idea of hiding the button might need for the ones who were used to easily press fire button to need to press now with their thumb.

    The only button available on this mod is the rotating one available near the screen and this is actually a button that combines plus and minus buttons in one. Therefore, it will help you to scroll through the menu and make the wanted changes fast and easy.

    As you probably guessed, five times pressing the fire button will turn the mod on or off. Three times pressing the fire button will get you to the menu where you can scroll through the three modes available: bypass, wattage and volt mode.

    By pressing the fire button and adjusting the wheel button up, you will lock the wattage, while pressing the fire button and adjusting the wheel down, it will lock the atomizer. Also if you are on the home screen you can adjust the watts by simply scrolling the button. The increment is of 1 watt. There are no other settings or complicated features regarding this mod, therefore anyone will find it very easy to use.

    The battery door is located at the very bottom and it comfortably houses the two 18650 cells. A plus fact is the one that the indicators are clearly marked on how to properly place the cells inside the mod. There are many manufacturers who just don’t pay too much attention to such details so it’s always nice and important to remark the ones that do have a sense of detail.

    On the very top, exactly in the center, the mod comes equipped with 510 spring loaded connection. Even 31 mm tanks will fit pretty well on the mod, without having an extremely visible overhang issue. The connection also includes a nice design that looks kind of cool. This is again a proof that there was attention to detail included in the creation of this mod.

    This is how, the general performance of the mod is just satisfying. The device works well, there are no issues or rattles. The firing button position might be a little bit weird for some of you but for sure you will get used to it in no time.

    The information provided is accurate and I like this aspect a lot. When installing a new atomizer, the mod always asks whether it’s a new or an old one, which provides a kind of smart feature of the mod. But, unfortunately, also when installing a new atomizer the watts go low to 10 which is kind of a weird and annoying issue. Otherwise, the battery life was pretty decent and the charging time as well.

    We Like

    Nice design – attention to detail
    Interesting twist with the hidden fire button
    Easy to use
    Accurate information

    We don’t Like



    The V200 is a perfect option for the ones who like simplicity and power mods. The classy look and the overall good work of the mod for sure will delight many of you. For the ones who like more complicated settings, this mod is not the best option, but definately it is for vapers who like minimalistic details. I consider Augvape did a good job with this device, and considering the affordable price, for sure it is worth to give it a try. On top of that, if you are car passionate this mod will become for sure your favorite mod.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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