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Black Note The ensemble e-liquid pack review

“A line of tobacco e-liquid that actually tastes like tobacco”, this affirmation caught our attention, therefore today we`re going to find out more about the ones who said that: the Black Note.

Black Note is very popular across vaping world as they provide quality organic tobacco e-liquids. Their flavors are extracted from real tobacco leaves. The e-liquids do not contain artificial colors, artificial flavor or other chemical additives that could make harm. The Black Note e-liquids take six weeks to cold macerate and Black Note is proud to produce the first lab certified N.E.T. vaping e-liquid. Apart from many other advantages, the liquids created by Black Note are coil friendly.

Black Note has a collection of three “Notebooks” that contains four, five or six bottles of 10ml and each bottle promises to bring unique vaping experience. There is the possibility to purchase the e-liquids contained in the Notebooks separately, in 30ml format.

Black Note The Ensemble Notebook e-liquids review

At a very first glance, all liquids have tones of brighter or darker gold-yellow color. Also, from the very first sight, it is clear that the Black Note provided a good amount of attention to details. The whole packaging is musical themed that easily teleports us back to 1900`s.

In The Ensemble Notebook, all 6 bottles are really nice packed, as each bottle is individually placed in a separate fix space. On the cardboard and on the bottles themselves you will find essential information about each liquid. Each label contains roughly information about the e-liquids like what you can expect in terms of flavor.

In case you`re wondering about the PG/VG ratio, Black Note has chosen for their e-liquid 50PG and 50VG. This ratio will make sure there are no dry hits on MTL tanks while the vapor production and flavor will be rich. The available nicotine levels are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

Now let`s check each e-liquid individually and see what we`ve got!

Black Note Prelude – a virginia blend

Black Note Prelude e-liquid review

Starting with the very promising name, it is clear that this e-liquid can be a very good option even for the ones who don`t like tobacco flavors in a particular way. The color of the e-liquid is a faded orange. When vaping it, you just feel the natural sweetness of the Virginia blend. In fact, the description of this liquid is exactly what you feel: “a light, bright taste and aroma”.

Black Note Legato – a kentucky blend

Black Note Legato e-liquid review

The Legato, a Kentucky blend, seems to be quite aromatic for my tastes, which is not a bad aspect at all. It is kind of interesting in flavor, as it has a blend of earthy elements alongside with a pinch of sweetness. The good thing with this e-liquid is that there are mild throat hits.

Black Note Sonata – a cavendish blend

Black Note Sonata e-liquid review

This flavor resembles a little with the Prelude e-liquid. Even though it is described to be a “robust” flavor, well it seems that for my tastes this flavor is mild. This makes Sonata perfect for the ones who have a light sweet tooth and don’t want to exaggerate in sweetness.

Black Note Forte – a burley blend

Black Note Forte e-liquid review

The flavor is well balanced when it comes to sweetness and light spice. This balance offers a smooth taste, a very nice Burley blend, not a complex flavor..

Black Note Solo – a menthol blend

Black Note Solo e-liquid review

The Solo flavor is a good option for the ones who love mint flavor. I`m not such a huge fan of mint, still, this e-liquid has a very rich note of it that completely outstands. This e-liquid offers a refreshing experience followed by a smooth tobacco note.

Black Note Quartet – a latakia blend

Black Note Quartet e-liquid review

If you`re looking for an intense tobacco flavor, then the Quartet may be perfect for you. This Latakia blend is the perfect option for the ones who have smoked before, as the taste resembles the classic taste of a normal cigarette.

You can choose different liquid boxes available

Black Note The Ensemble Notebook e-liquids front view

The Black Note offers the possibility to purchase the wanted box with the wanted liquids. The difference between the boxes is that there are more or less bottles of e-liquids included as follows:

Classical Notebook

This Classical Notebook includes four liquids: Prelude, Legato, Sonata and Forte. This is the box that is the cheapest in matters of money. This box can be an option for the ones who like soft tastes, considering that Prelude and Sonata liquids resemble a little, Forte has a well-balanced flavor and the Legato is aromatic.

Instrumenthol Notebook

The Instrumenthol Notebook includes Prelude, Legato, Sonata, Forte and Solo. Besides the Classical box, the Instrumenthol adds to your collection the Solo. This is why the name of this Notebook is Instru[menthol].

The Ensemble Notebook

The Ensemble Notebook includes Prelude, Legato, Sonata, Forte, Solo and Quartet. In this box, we find all six e-liquids and of course, this is the best you can get. You will have the chance to taste light liquids like Legato, menthol liquids as Solo or quite strong ones such as Quartet.


There are a lot of pros to consider regarding the Black Note e-liquids. Apart from the natural flavors, these liquids tend to produce a lot of vapor. Even though the price seems a little bit high for sure “is worth every penny” as the quality is unbeatable. In case you want to send a Black Note Notebook as a gift, they offer the possibility to personalize the box in which the liquids are packed, writing a message that will be printed on the box.

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