IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W mod intro

IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple review

IJOY promises to show up with a mod that provides innovative features. And for sure we expect some fantastic additions from this 3 x 18650 mod. Let`s go further quick, and find out more about the IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W box.

There are no more than five color options available for this mod: orange, purple, black, white and silver. All the colors available have nice finishes and they`re pretty bright.

What`s in the box? – you will wonder, and I tell you that you will receive one IJOY Maxo Zenith mod, one warranty card and one user manual. That`s not enough for the mod in order to work, make sure you will have 3 18650 cells and the the tank.

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IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W mod specifications

360° of IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W

Use your pointing device to rotate the object in this image

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W mod
    Size: 88.00mm x 50.50mm x 40.70mm
    Voltage range: from 2.7V to 6.2V
    Maximum current output: 50A
    Powered by: 3 x 18650
    Chip inside: IWEPAL

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W features

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple unboxing

    Chip designed by IWEPAL

    IWEPAL is quite known as a quality chip creator for mods around the world. The IJOY MAXO Zenith 300W features this chip guarantee long lifespan.

    Light up when operating

    The mod features led lights that light up when the mod is turned on. Also, when the batteries are almost drained you will be noticed by the red LEDs.

    Unique big size fire button

    The fire button is very large and comfortable to use. Easy to press but to close to the atomizer that will create condensation under the button.

    Adjustable knob from 2.7Vto 6.2V

    There are no complicated menus and settings to work with, as this mod featureas a simple rotating knob that will just help you arrive at the wanted voltage.

    Magnetic back cover

    The cover of the IJOY Zenith has four strong magnets. Securing very well the three 18650 batteries.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple in hand review

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W mod – Diving in

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple side in hand review

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W mod review

    The finish is absolutely gorgeous. The mod is made of Zinc Alloy which is a proper material for an ergonomic device that not only feels but also looks durable in time. The shape of this mod it`s pretty interesting and it looks like taken from a SCI-FI movie.

    The mod is very lightweight alone and I thought it will get heavier when the cells will be installed but it wasn`t. Therefore it is true you can still have a powerful mod with an acceptable weight.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple bottom view in hand

    On the very top of the mod there is a spring loaded 510 connector. The connector it capable to securely fit almost any tank.

    Near the connector you have a very big fire button that covers almost half the top area of the mod. The fire button is pretty clicky. Normally I would say the fire button location is not such wisely chosen to be on top. But this particular mod surprised me with the way in which my finger comfortably pressed the fire button.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple 510 conector top view review

    On one side there is the IJOY logo and venting holes for preventing overheating. The venting holes are pretty welcomed, considering the three cells needed and the maximum power of 300W you can reach.

    On the other side there is the battery cover that is magnetic. The magnets respond really well and in fact you just have to put the battery cover close to the other magnets and they will attract each other with a high force. The magnetic cover is pretty questionable as it is the possibility for the tiny magnets to drop if they`re not secured really well. Still, the magnets from IJOY Maxo Zenith 300 W look pretty secured so you won`t have to worry about that.

    In order to work this mod needs three 18650 cells. Well, without a display available for sure you wonder how you can figure out when the batteries are almost drained. The answer is that you just have to pay attention to the LEDs. Green color means the batteries are charged while the red color announces that the cells need to be charged. Also there is no USB port or cable which means you will have to externally charge your three batteries.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple battery cover open

    No buttons and displays means there are not complicated settings and also no TC modes available. This mod features one of the biggest venting holes i have seen until now. They look like panels that are perforated and for sure they do their work. To start the mod, press five times the fire button.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple in hand

    Another interesting addition is the knob. It`s kind of tricky as there is also the need to understand the Ohm`s law in order to figure out what power you use according to the knob. Therefore, by considering that the maximum output current that can be outputted with this device is 50A. In order to find out the wattage,just multiply the amperage with the voltage. Therefore you have the 50A already known and by choosing for instance 3.6V you will get no more than 180W.

    Is very important to remember this formula, to know how to set your mod, otherwise, you could get with some burnt coils in no time. It is a good idea to just start with the lower voltage and just go up slowly.

    The mod works very well, it is very powerful, the activation is fast, the flavor is rich and the clouds are richer.

    The fire button is awesome and it instantly responds when pressed. The batteries last for a whole day even when the mod is used often, but I wouldn`t expect anything less from three 18650 cells. There were no issues regarding overheating.

    IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W purple in hand size comparation

    We Like

    Powerful mod
    Strong build quality
    Easy to use
    Large, clicky fire button

    We don’t Like

    Build quality of the fire button (condensation will go under the metal trigger and create problems)


    The IJOY Maxo Zenith 300W is a total win-win for the ones who are looking for a powerful yet compact mod. Even though it is pretty easy to use, I might say that this mod is not recommended for beginners.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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