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JAC Vapour Series-S17 Kit review

Starting with the concept that less is more, JAC has another interesting kit to offer to all new vapers around the world. The mod is easy to use and it promises to offer a proper vaping experience to any beginner.

There are some interesting features included in this kit and you will soon find out what is all about. So welcome to the JAC Vapour Series – S17 kit review!

The color option is not that wide, but there are still three options that will match the tastes of any vaper: black, stainless steel and pink.

The kit content is impressive. You will get one Series S17 900 mAh battery, one SERIES S17 top fill tank, one mouth to lung 1.0 ohm coil, one micro USB cable and one user manual.

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360° of JAC Vapour Series-S17 Kit

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    SERIES-S17 Battery SERIES-S17 TF(Top Fill) Tank
    Power: un-regulated from 4.20v to 3.10vDiameter: 17.00mm
    Size : 80.00mm * 17.00mmDimensions: 36.00mm * 17.00mm
    Min resistance: 0.50 OhmCapacity: 2ml(TPD compliant)
    Connector: 510
    Battery Capacity: 900mAh
    Body: Steel alloy with rubber oil finish or with lightly brushed finish
    Charge time: approx. 1 hour


    JAC Vapour SERIES-S17 black in hand review

    Fill fast

    It looks like this mod includes an ingenious design through which it can easily be filled up in no time. There will be no complications included in the process of e-juice filling. The JAC even promises you will be able to fill up the tank in no more than 10 seconds.

    Pocket friendly

    The JAC Vapour Series S17 comes in a compact style that is also pocket-friendly. This feature transforms this electronic cigarette into the perfect choice for beginers.

    Simulates a cigarette

    The real cigarette simulation is based on the resistance on the draw. This can help the ones who want to quit smoking as an electronic cigarette that looks like a normal cigarette will help in tricking the brain easier.

    For beginners

    The S17 is incredibly simple to use. Also, the kit comes with everything you needed to start vaping (without the e-liquid of course).

    Precision engineered

    The materials used are high quality and this obviously leads to a durable mod that will be able to last for a long period of time.

    JAC Vapour Series-S17 Kit review

    Diving in

    JAC Vapour Series-S17 black unboxing review

    JAC Vapour Series-S17 TF kit

    The mod looks elegant and it feels robust. The device has a cylinder shape and it feels pretty good in hand. It is made of Steel Alloy and rubber finish. The steel alloy is enough for the mod to feel robust and strong against scratches or accidental falls. Also, the materials make the mod harder to slip from your hands and this means that it will be harder to drop it.

    Jac Vapour S17 has the battery incorporated, therefore there will not be necessary to purchase extra cells.

    The only button you will find on this mod is the fire button that has a rectangular shape with round corners. The fire button responds pretty well to commands and the mod doesn’t make any rattle.

    The USB port is located at the bottom of the mod and by the help of the USB cable it is possible to charge it in a fast way. The mod fully charges in about an hour and a half and the battery lasts for an amount of 6 hours which is alright for its size. The battery has a capacity of 900 mAh.

    In case you run out of battery you can still use the mod while it’s charging. This is a good addition to this mod, vaping all the time with no problems.

    The S17 kit has a nice tank that is made of the same Steel Alloy material. On the very top, the tank has a system through which can be easily filled up with e-liquid. For the filling process, you will have to unscrew the mouth tip, pour the wanted flavor and then screw it back. Is that easy!

    JAC Vapour Series-S17 MTL Kit review

    The mod also includes some venting slots near the battery just to make sure that the heat produced will be dissipated fast. The venting slots will make sure that the battery won’t overheat.

    Considering that this is a beginner kit the mod is incredibly easy to use. Five clicks on the fire button will lock or unlock the electronic cigarette while a long pressing (in unlock mode) will activate the mod in a nice and smooth way.

    In case you are wondering when the device is on and off you will see near the fire button two lines that will light up when the device is turned on.

    There are no menus to configure or modes to personalize. Therefore in case, if you are a vaping expert you probably won’t need this mod. Still, for a beginner is might be the best option. Just start vaping without any other complication included.

    The minimum resistance can go to 0.5 ohm and the maximum power varies from 3.1 V to 4.2 V. Despite the power level, the S17 TF atomizer produce enough vapor and the taste is rich.

    The tank houses 2 ml capacity which won’t be enough for a whole vaping day but considering the easy process of refilling it won’t be a pain. You just make sure to carry with you the juice.

    There are various protections available in the JAC Vapour Series-S17 battery. Therefore it comes with overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and high amp draw protection.

    The actual vaping process is pretty smooth. The fire button instantly activates the firing process. The production of vapor is good considering the size and the power of this mod. The flavor is pretty good too.

    Jac Vapour Series-S17 Kit

    We Like

    Extremely easy to use
    Compact and durable design
    Easy and fast refill
    It charges pretty fast
    You can vape while the mod is charging

    We don’t Like

    Battery doesn’t last for a long time
    The tank capacity could be a little bigger
    Pretty low power


    The S17 is another fantastic electronic cigarette for JAC. The mod helps you in the process of quitting smoking. With the nice features and such an ease way to use it, the JAC Vapour Series-S17 TF kit includes everything you needed out of the box(excluding the e-liquid). Extra accessories are available for this kit. Because JAC Vapor is a serious manufacturer, it offers 6 month warranty.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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