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JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit review

JAC is a wide known manufacturer that provides all the needed accessories for a satisfying vaping life for beginners to pros. This time, JAC brought on the table an all in one device that is ready to mesmerize all vapers out there. The review below is dedicated to the brand new AIO VIM that is about to be released today(07/16/2018).

By now, the only color available for this device is white, so I really hope JAC will consider other color options in the coming future.

In the box, you will get the device itself, one top fill tank, one mouth to lung coil of 1,0 ohms, one micro USB charging cable and one user manual.

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JAC Vapour AIO VIM kit specifications

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    JAC Vapour AIO VIM kit features

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit review unboxing

    Small size

    The AIO VIM comes in a completely pocketable size that will be more than comfortable to keep in hands while vaping. This feature makes this device perfect for people who are always on the go. The soft edges are a plus of comfort.

    Big battery

    The big battery included reaches a capacity of 2600 mAh. You can get the most of the battery as you can vape a whole day without even thinking about recharging. This is again one important aspect for the ones who travel a lot and don`t have time to wait for their device to charge a couple of times a day.

    Simulates smoking

    This versatile device can be the perfect option for the ones who still like the sensation of smoking. The process of vaping will resemble to the one of smoking (with the MTL filter set on the bottom).

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit white in hand

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM kit – Diving in

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit and coils

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM kit review

    Straight out of the box, you will notice the simple lines of this mod. It looks nice and classy and the soft edges are a great feature for a plus of comfort. The device is lightweight and easy to carry around. The material of the mod is polycarbonate ABS that is rubber coated. The coating actually makes the device feel kind of soft. Even more, JAC states that the mod will be easier to wipe, thanks to this coating, which is nice. There are many mods that are fingerprint magnets, so it is always good to know that the device stays nice and clean.

    The interface is the easiest thing you`ll ever see around when it comes to mods. That is because there are no complicated buttons or screens. On the front, you can see the large firing button that is located on the lower edge. The button is nice and clicky and there are no rattles.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit wicth sour lime sourbet e-liquid

    Also on the front you can see the VM Tank that is flexible and easy to install. You just have to push onto the mouthpiece and turn it a half-turn anti-clockwise in order to take it out.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit front view

    The fact that you can see inside the tank, will just make it much easier to know when to refill it. The size of the tank is of 2ml, which is alright considering the small size of the device. Still, you can quickly refill the tank in under 10 seconds.

    \JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit side view

    Personally, I don`t think it is the case to make a competition with the time for refilling, and more when promoting a beginner friendly device. Still, the refilling won`t take too much as the top refill hole is pretty large.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit internal view

    On the bottom side, you`ll see that the mod has an adjustable airflow control system, which means that you can personalize the vaping experience.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM atomizer view

    The battery is integrated into the device, and you can charge it by the help of the USB cable included in the kit. The good point is that you can use the device even when it`s charging, as it includes the pass-thru feature.

    The kit includes only one type of coil and I think it would have been nice for them to include more types in the kit. But the good point is that you can still buy the coils separately and just install them, in case you want to experience different types of vaping. The device is perfect for both mouth to lung or direct lung.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM box mod view

    The various protections included in the mod will just make it much safe to use it throughout the day. Therefore you have the overcharge protection, the short circuit and the overheating protection. You can also block the device if you press the fire button five times being safe to carry it in your bag.

    Overall, the device works very well. The fire button is pretty big and clicky and it responds almost instantly to the command. With the MTL airflow restriction makes it feel like a normal cigarette. The cloud creation can vary depending on the coil you are using.

    JAC Vapour AIO VIM Kit in hand size comparation

    For instance, the DL 0.5 ohms coil will transform this mod into a cloud machine and the MTL 1.00ohm coils will make it feel like a normal cigarette. The flavor on both coils is nice and intense. The battery charges in two hours max.

    We Like

    Nice and elegant design
    Easy to use
    Great price
    Long lasting integrated battery

    We don’t Like



    This all in one vape mod is just fantastic. All the features transform this mod into a perfect option, as beginners will find it extremely easy to get used to while the pros will be able to get nice clouds and intense flavor.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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