Smoant Cylon 218W mod intro

Smoant Cylon 218W mod review

I might say that Smoant Cylon is very similar, at the design, with SXmini G Class. The power range of this mod is from 1W to 218W with the minimum supported resistance of 0.1ohms in VW mode and 0.05ohms in TC mode. Powered by the new Ant218 v2 chip.

In terms of colors, Cylon arrives in Tarnish and Black. So not too many colors to choose from.

In the box, we have the Smoant Cylon Mod, one USB charge & Update cable, one user manual and the warning card. The batteries are not included!

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Smoant Cylon 218W mod specifications

360° of Smoant Cylon 218W mod

Use your pointing device to rotate the object in this image

    Smoant Cylon 218W
    Size: 47.00mm x 32.00mm x 90.00mm
    Display: 1.35inch TFT color screen
    Output wattage: from 1W to 218W
    Output mode: VW / VW Curves / Temp (Ni, Ti, SS) / TCR / TC Curves
    Cell type: 2 x 18650(discarge above 25A)

    Smoant Cylon 218W mod features

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod unboxing

    Maximum power of 218W

    Smoant Cylon 218W power varies from 1W to 218W, powered by two 18650 batteries placed in series. The minimum resistance is 0.1ohm in VW mode and 0.05ohms in TC mode.

    Powered by the new Ant218 V2 chip

    Smoant Cylon utilizes the Ant218 V2 chip which provides a faster response when firing. The chip can fire in 0.015 seconds.

    VW/TC custom curves support

    The Cylon 218W TC comes with Wattage/Temperature custom curve modes. Giving the possibility to set the wattage/temperature at intervals for the first 10 seconds for a unique vaping experience.

    1.3inch color screen

    The big 1.3inch color screen on the front side is a nice pro. The interface is easy to use and the UI(user interface) is awesome.

    Two UI options

    Two UI designs available, inspired from Lexus LS Sport. Visually appealing and informative.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand

    Smoant Cylon 218W – Diving in

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand front view

    Smoant Cylon 218W mod review

    As I said early, the Smoant Cylon seems to me to be a cheaper clone of SXmini G Class. There are some differences in the design. The fire button is placed on one side of the mod instead of the front. The materials used seem to be made out of plastic. The 510 connector platform is smaller.

    On one side we have the fire button, which, if pressed sometimes on the lowest side will not fire. This is because the button inside is not placed exactly in the middle of the firing button. Besides that the fire button raddles sometimes.

    On the front of the mod, right in the middle, we find the 1.3inch TFT display, with a nice contrast that makes the text easy to read. Under the screen, there are the + (plus) and – (minus) buttons. One pro here is that the buttons are separated, clicky and easy to press.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand back view

    Under the plus and minus buttons, we have the classic micro USB connection which can serve for charging or updating the mod. That’s right, this mod can be updated and the software can be downloaded from here.

    On the back, we find a small colored circle, which is a nice touch, and of course, the name of the mod “Cylon”.
    On the sides, the mod, claim to have “High-quality leather”, but for me, it seems more like some sort of plastic.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand 510 conector top view

    The 510 connector on the top side is well built, well placed, featuring spring loaded and gold platted positive pin. This 510 cand handle big atomizers without overhang.

    Passing at the bottom side of the mod we find the battery door. I don’t have words here. The battery door, when opened, is moving in all the directions. Is like some 4-year-old kid designed this thing. When closed, it doesn’t rattle but is super easy to open. I consider the battery door a joke.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand bottom view

    Press three times on the fire button and the mod will open the menu. One nice thing about this mod is that it has a lot of features like taste mode, curve mode and more. In the main menu we find VW mode, TC mode, Settings and Wallpaper section.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand screen watt mode view

    In the VW mode, you can set the taste mode and the power curve. In TC mode we find various types of material for the coil like Nickel, Titanium, SS, TCR and TC power curve. In the Settings section we have Brightness, Time, Display, Timeout, ScreenSaver and Factory Reset. And last but not least the Wallpaper section where we find 9 images with the possibility to set them as wallpaper on the home screen.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand front display view

    The mod fires straight away and as I said earlier the button, if pressed on the bottom side, will create the impression of “Why this mod isn’t firing?”. Remember to press the bottom on the middle or on the superior half.

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand VW menu view

    In terms of power, as you see 218W is a lot. You can place any atty here and expect a good taste and big clouds. The materials used are not “best of the best”, you will feel his value by touching it. But hey! It costs 1/4 of the price of SXmini G Class so…

    Smoant Cylon 218W black mod in hand size comparation

    We Like

    Lot of features
    Easy to use
    No tank overhang issues

    We don’t Like

    Battery door is moving


    Final conclusion? Besides the battery door which defiantly needs improvements this mod actually worths the money. You won’t believe but I found one thing done better on Cylon than on the SX G Class and that is the position of the fire button. If the battery door doesn’t scare you then you should defiantly try this mod.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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