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In this Smok T-Priv 220W kit Review we will analise, check the functions and usability of this mod.
The Chinese manufacturer Smok always tries to provide some of the best and most innovative designs for all the vape lovers. So get ready to meet the newest SMOK T-Priv.

This vape kit powered by two 18650 batteries placed in series (not included in kit) comes with adjustable LED lights, 220W maximum output power, 5ml/2ml capacity TFV8 Big Baby tank and strong in flavor and taste V8 Baby-Q2 and V8 Baby-T8 coils.

The product is available in 19 stunning finished colors. The wide range of colors can make a person choose from orange or pink, to combinations of two colors but also combinations of even seven colors on the same mod. This transforms it into the perfect rainbow for rainy days.

The standard kit of Smok T-Priv includes anything you will need to start making clouds: one Smok T-Priv Mod, one TFV8 Big Baby Tank, one V8 baby-Q 2 0.4-ohm dual coil that is pre-installed, one V8 Baby T8 0.15 Octuple coil.
It also includes one USB charger, one comprehensive user manual, one replacement glass tube and some spare parts. On the same time, the mod can also be bought separately, useful if you have already a nice atomizer to go with this colorful mod.

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TFV8 Big Baby (Standard)TFV8 Big Baby (Eu Edition)T-Priv Mod
Diameter: 24.5mmDiameter: 24.5mmPower Range: 6 – 220W (1W incrementt)
Capacity: 5.0mlCapacity: 2.0mlSize: 44.5mm(H) x 35.5mm(W) x 58.0mm(L)
Lenght: 56mmLenght: 56.2mmModes: VW/VV/TC-Ti/TC-Ni/TC-SS
Temp. Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)
Display: OLED screen
Thread: Spring loaded 510 thread
Updating port: Micro USB port


Powerful 220W output power

The 220W power is the maximum output Smok T-Priv can get. This box provides two different modes that can be easily used. The first mode is the temperature control one which means that the consistency will be enhanced, alongside with the taste and the watt mode which is right for people who want to experience an easy and fast way to start vaping.

LED side light with nine color modes that can be customized

Smok T-Priv provides a range of colors for anyone to choose their favorite one. The colors available are: blue, red, green, white, magenta, yellow. T-Priv also brings some innovative colors for a mod, such as RGB or Rainbow. The menu makes it simple to set your favorite color for the side led lights. When you get bored with one color you can change it right away choosing the next one from the range available. The side light can be set to active all the time, only when the screen is on or you can choose to activate it only while vaping.

OLED screen -easy to use

The OLED screen is nice to look at and easy to read. It includes different information regarding the mod such as the working power, resistance value, working effect, battery power or working voltage. As the device needs two 18650 batteries to work, the screen shows the battery power of the two batteries separately, for the information to be more accurate than ever.

Various protections

Smok T-Priv has an enhanced protection system which is very useful. This means that the features available will lead to a better usage of the mod while feeling comfortable with it. For instance, it has a low battery warning in order to make sure that you will always be warned when the battery is low. The over-heating protection is even more important because vaping mods can easily heat up, this protection triggers itself when the mod was heavily used. The short circuit protection makes it last longer, and it will protect it from getting a damage any soon. It also includes a 12 seconds cut-off and an intelligent atomizer recognition.

Adjustable airflow system

By simply turning the ring on the base of the TFV8 Big Baby atomizer the airflow can be adjusted when needed. The airflow adjustment will have a huge an impact on your vaping experience.

Diving in

Smok T-Priv kit

Smok T-Priv comes in a kit which can be a Standard or a European. The difference between them is that the European comes with the TFV8 Big Baby with 2ml e-liquid capacity and the Standard comes with 5ml e-liquid capacity.

You will need two 18650 batteries (not included in the kit) that are easy to insert in the device. Just slide and open the small access door on the bottom of the mod and add those batteries in right way following the + (plus) and – (minus) signs.

The design of the Smok T-Priv is fantastic, as it includes hollowed-like lights and beautiful engraving remembering the Megatron from Transformers.

Let’s start playing with this mod. To turn on the device, you need to press five clicks on the fire button. After is on, the same five clicks will do the lock and unlock of the device.

Light your day

The led light will turn on when the mod is fired. There is also the setting that let you leave the led light always on. Turns out you might want to leave the led lights off and activate them only while firing the device or only when the screen is active as leaving them active all the time may drain your batteries.

But, disregarding the design, the features of this mod are quite the same as the previous Smok editions. This is a plus for the Smok fans as they will feel quite comfortable with using the menu from the very beginning. Beginners should not fear, as the menu is not that complicated, instead is more useful. The puff limiter setting is a nice touch to control your vape habits.

There are no button rattle problems, a fact that can be quite a plus for this mod, considering that many people complain about this issue when purchasing a mod. In fact, the fire button is comfortable to use, and it is quite responsive to touch.

The screen is also smaller and darker, in comparison with the previous models from Smok. However, it is still simply to read the useful information that you may need to keep an eye on while vaping.
The main information is various, from battery level to the power and puff count. The menu of the device is quite rich in features, and it provides a proper customization, from the colors of the side led lights to the different modes of vaping.

It also includes settings regarding the screen, which can be rotated or changed in contrast. The screen timeout function makes the OLED display turn off after 60 seconds, the time can be adjusted from the menu. It is important to note that this feature does not shut down the colorful led lights if they are set to be active all the time.

Watts adjustment in temperature control mod?

T-Priv supports the watts setting in temperature control mode, showing the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, going from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 to 315 degrees Celsius. The coil materials supported in temperature control mode are nickel, stainless-steel and titanium.

The coils are generating enough flavor and taste; I prefer the V8 Baby-T8 0.15-ohm coil as I like the taste and also I like doing big clouds, one thing Smok TFV atomizers are known for. No complaints about leaking from this tank, any 70VG/30PG liquid will work. Don’t forget that is available the RBA coil for this tank giving you the possibility to create your own coils with various resistance as you like.

We Like

Wide range of colors and styles
Nice and elegant design
Easy to use
Solid product
The fire button responds very fast

We don’t Like

OLED display may be quite sensitive to spills


It seems like there are more pluses than minuses when it comes to Smok T-Priv 220W kit Review. The cons are not that noticeable as the pluses turn it into a proper tool for any vaping lover. This is why this device can be a good choice for any person that wants to experience the vaping world under a rainbow of lights.

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Finish quality
Used materials
Value for money
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