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Wismec Motiv Kit White

The Wismec Motiv mod is an ergonomic device that tries to provide the best vaping experience under an elegant look. Therefore this mod is an all in one device that tries to attract many vapers.

So let`s take an in-depth look at the Motiv and find all the details that make this kit such a great one.

The colors available are silver, grey, white, red and black. In the nice black box kit from Wismec there will be one Motiv, one DS NC 0.25 ohm, one DS Dual 0.25 ohm, one USB cable and one User Manual.

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360° of Wismec Motiv kit

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    Wismec Motiv kit
    Length: 132.60mm
    Diameter: 29.00mm
    Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
    Atomizer Capacity: 2ml
    Colors available: silver, grey, white, red and black


    Wismec Motiv white unboxing review

    Elliptic shape with built-in atomizer

    The Motiv mod comes with a unique design that has an elliptic shape. The atomizer is built inand the cap has a matching decorative look.

    Indicator light with changeable colors

    The indicator light color can be changed. In shutdown mode you just have to long press the fire button that will lead to turning off the indicator light or to change its color. You can choose between blue, green, indigo, red, purple, yellow or white.

    Dual circuit protection

    The overall protection is provided by a system of two sets of circuit protection. The mod features the overcharging protection, the over current and the over discharging protections.

    Top airflow control

    The Motiv can give various vaping experiences. The secret is the top airflow control. There is just the need to clockwise or counterclockwise rotate the airflow control ring that is positioned under the decorative cap in order to adjust the airflow.

    Top e-liquid filling system

    The mod has a simple juice filling system which consists in unplugging the decorative cap, unscrewing the top cap component and injecting the e-liquid into the cambered slot.

    Brand new DS head and easy head replacement

    The Motiv features and easy head replacement and some brand new coils (the DS NC 0.25 ohm and the DS Dual 0.25 ohm).

    Wismec Motiv kit in hand

    Diving in

    Wsimec Motiv Kit white unboxing

    Wismec Motiv Starter kit

    From the very beginning, the elliptic style captures any attention. The mod is made of stainless steel and it feels quite comfortable in hand. There are no rattles and it has a stylish finish. The all in one design is definitely a pro considering the fact that there will be no need of external batteries or other extra money spending accessories.

    There are 5 parts that create the Motiv: the battery, the atomizer head, the top cap component, the decorative cap and the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of delrin plastic and it offers a good protection against the hot vapors. You can use any 510 drip tip with this mod, which is a great plus from our point of view.

    Wismec Motiv white kit

    The mod features a 2ml tank that can be seen through a small window that has an interior sleeve protection. The tank can be easily filled by simply removing the decorative cap and unscrewing the cap. Still Wismec advises to drop a few drops of juice into the coil before starting to use the mod. On the same time it is important not to overfill the tank to avoid unwanted leaking when placing the top cap back. For this, there is a Max level that should not be passed. A small problem for some may be the fact that the mod has a small liquid capacity. But let`s be honest. For such a stylish and tiny design the 2ml is quite acceptable.

    The capacity of the battery is 2000 mAh. Regarding the battery, there is a life indicator that can be easily set to flash different colors: blue, green, indigo, red, purple, yellow and white. The colors can be changed when the device is turned off and by long pressing the fire button. After that you can press one time the fire button for each color. Wherever you stop on, the mod will set that color to the light. You can also choose to not have a color if the light bothers too much. The colored light turns off when the battery is fully charged and it keeps red when the mod is charging or connected to the USB cable.

    Regarding the battery life, it will last for a good whole day if the mod is not used that often. Otherwise there will be a need to charge it.

    The top cap has a Child Lock system which is a good feature for safe vaping. Also this feature leads to other pluses such as the one that there will be no spit back or leak. The Motiv features two brand new coil heads that have 0.25ohm resistance. The only difference between them is the wattage range as the DS NC 0.25 ohm head will range between 25W to 40W while the DS DC 0.25 ohm head will range between 25W to 60W. It is important not to wash the coil with water as it is enough to use cotton or dry cloth. A little con may be the fact that the coil changing is a little bit hard on this mod. It requires a little bit of struggle.

    Wismec Motiv kit review

    The airflow can be simply adjusted by switching clockwise or counterclockwise the ring that you can see under the decorative cap. The amount of air will decide the intensity of the taste and vapors. Underneath, the mod has a venting hole just to make sure that the heat from the battery will dissipate fast and easy.

    The mod is very easy to use. Basically you have to make the same five clicks as always in order to turn the device on and off. There are no complicated settings and no menu to consider.

    The dual circuit protection works pretty well alongside with the overcharging one, the over current and the over discharge. Also, there were no overheating problems while the device was used.

    We Like

    Eliptical shape, ergonomic and stylish design
    Easy to use
    Pocket friendly

    We don’t Like

    Coil changing is a little hard
    Battery is not going to last long if used too often
    Small juice capacity


    The mod is easy to use, the performance is top notch and the overall quality is high. Honestly it is not the best taste ever experienced, but still it is very decent. This kit is quite user friendly and it provides the best features all incorporated in a minimal design. The price is also pretty good as you can purchase this mod for under $30.

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    Finish quality
    Used materials
    Value for money
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