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Ultimately JAC has gone wild in creating various e-liquids that can perfectly cover any vaper tastes. Considering their success, they must do something perfectly. Therefore, the range this time goes in the authentic tobacco line, and they have just created two types of e-liquids named simply Smoking e-liquids made in UK. So I`m sure you will be glad to read details and a sincere opinion about them.

The Smoking collection is based on two kinds of e-liquids. They are based on nicotine salts for a straight tobacco taste. JAC promises to bring to any vaper a replica of smoking normal cigarettes through vaping. The liquids can be purchased alone or in a double pack.

The liquids are individually packed, and this is how you will get them, even if you purchase the double pack. The packaging is nice and simple. On the side of the box you will get some additional information and some warning information, while the front side shows the name of the liquid and the specific flavor. I like the simple and clean crown logo they managed to create for the Smoking Line. The distinct colors on the pack are a nice touch so when you`ll see the blue one you`ll know you have the UK Tobacco e-liquid, while the green one is the Tobacco Menthol edition.

A bottle contains 10 ml of juice all at a good price. In fact, JAC stimulates the buyer, with any purchase of more bottles of e-liquid you can get a nice discount. Considering that the price is already pretty good, a discount will transform it in a deal. It is always great to see that manufacturers are not that keen on profit, but also on quality and the grade of affordability of the clients.

The bottles are well made and each one features a safety cap that won`t allow for the liquid to drain. Therefore, the bottles are safe to carry around in your pocket or bag, without worrying that they might leak.

The nicotine strength available for these two liquids are 12 and 18 mg which is as much nicotine as the liquid can get (legally) according to JAC. The balance of PG and VG is 70/30.

So, let`s individually check the two flavors available: UK Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol and see what they`ve got!

UK Tobacco

Description: “Packed with rich, smoky flavor – you`ll barely notice the difference. No need to change your behavior – SMOKING UK Tobacco mimics the sensation of smoking, delivering a fast, smooth nicotine hit. A super smooth vape, even at higher nicotine strengths.”

Opinion: I think this is one of the clearest descriptions I`ve ever read. The flavor is nice and rich and it definitely makes any vaper feel like he or she is smoking a cigarette. The nicotine hit is right and smooth, there are no dry hit issues. The PG based mix is just perfect on this one.

I would definitely recommend this one for new vapers who have just quit smoking. That is because it resembles so much to smoking, it will be much easier to adapt to the vaping world, and this can be even more the case if the vaper already uses a device that resembles a cigarette such as a pen style devices.

The UK Tobacco can also be the perfect option for vapers who like more classic tastes rather than all the wild flavors that appeared lately on the wide market. The UK Tobacco e-liquid follows the path of a clean and simple taste, and sometimes for sure less is more, and this flavor can be more than enough for your senses in those days when you just want to go back to the roots.

Tobacco menthol

Description: “Carefully balanced smoky tobacco and cooling menthol notes for the most realistic menthol tobacco experience around.”

Opinion: It seems like JAC focused pretty much on menthol as this is the most present flavor in all e-liquid collections. Sincerely, I didn`t expect too much from this flavor, considering myself before, the most anti-menthol person ever alive. But, it seems like JAC managed to create a sort of perfect balance between menthol and tobacco that I kind of liked it.

The menthol flavor perfectly blends and it feels really cool when vaping. I thought the menthol will just overtake the tobacco but I was wrong. The flavor is not too strong, nor too mellow, it is just what a vaper might need.


All in a nutshell, there are a lot of pluses that can give more credit for the good quality of the JAC e-liquids. The Smoking edition doesn`t disappoint at all as you can get a combo of smoking inspired e-liquids that will satisfy the needs of tobacco lovers.

The great price, the nice blend of the elements and the smooth vaping process, all of them are more reasons to choose these liquids and try them. It`s great that JAC thought to go back to the roots with this e-liquid edition and I`m sure there are already a lot of people that like this aspect too.

I consider this two e-liquids to be a perfect option for newbies as the flavor is not too wild and it is better to start with something familiar, in case of ex-smokers, rather than going places and choosing all kind of weird flavors that might ruin the whole essence of vaping. Considering that JAC is not only an e-liquid creator, they also include the device and other accessories that are needed to start vaping. You can check their page for further details and convince yourself about the quality they offer.

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JAC Vapour UK Tobacco e-liquid
JAC Vapour Tobacco menthol e-liquid
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