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E-liquid candy flavors you should try


Nowadays, alongside with the wide range of e-cigs you can also find a wide range of liquids. Actually, this is one of the parts where the vaping world includes a whole lotta fun, as any vaper is free to choose as many liquids as wanted and test them all the time. Vaping life can never get boring.

There are different details needed to take into account for choosing an ideal type of liquid such as the VG and PG ratio, the level of nicotine or simply the type of flavor. But most of the e-liquid providers tend to let users to choose the wanted level of nicotine or the wanted size of the bottle, just to make sure that the vaping experience will get more personalized than ever. The PG and VG ratio is important as based on this the flavor gets more intense or not, or the vapors created are bigger or not. Regarding the flavor, it is just a subjective matter.

So, considering the fact that I love sweets, today I have decided to check out some candy flavors available on the wide market. I will list them separately below, you need to pay attention to this!

Sour worms flavor

For the ones who love sweet and sour. But I bet you are curious on how the e-liquid with sour worms flavor can be. The e-liquid from Candy King that I tested was pretty nice. I felt a combination of different fruits and at the end, I felt the sour flavor that got pretty intense combined with the sweet taste of the fruits. It is just interesting how realistic the flavor is as it feels exactly as if you would eat the exact candy.

There is also an interesting twist regarding the sour worms flavor e-liquid as you can find also available a sour worms on ice flavor which means that alongside with the sweet and sour flavor you will also get a splash of menthol. I personally didn’t like this combination as I felt like the mint and the sour don’t really get together. But the ones who like to get a cool hint, for sure will find this liquid as a perfect option for their taste.

Choco cream flavor

Another interesting type of sweet flavor is the Choco cream one which is based on the chocolate cookie sandwich ice-cream. The main flavors for this liquid are the chocolate, cookie and vanilla ice cream. The more you inhale, the sweeter your mouth will get with this e-liquid. The whole experience is really nice, but for me, it worked only for a short period of time, as a longer usage of the flavor will just end up with vanishing the actual flavors and remaining only with the sweet taste. But this is a subjective opinion as well, so I consider that the ones who really love sugary notes will love this e-liquid a lot.

Lemon drops flavor

Another sort of soury flavor is the Lemon drop. Therefore, this e-liquid will clearly have some lemon notes alongside sweets. I consider this flavor quite similar with the sweet and sour one, as the only difference between them is that the Lemon drops leaves you in the mouth with a sugary-tart like taste. It feels really nice as it doesn’t really excess in sweet taste as the Choco cream flavor. So this is a good option for the ones who don’t really want to have an e-liquid that have an abundance of sugar.

I liked how the flavor is well balanced on this flavor and it almost feels like you’re eating a lemon tart.

Strawberry watermelon bubblegum

Bubblegum flavor is one of my favorites, therefore I was pretty curious about trying this flavor. The experience was almost as expected as the flavor was nice and sweet, and it felt like truly chewing a bubblegum with strawberry and watermelon flavor. I like this e-liquid as it includes the specific sugary taste of the bubblegum that is pretty hard to not recognize. Even the smell of the vapors are very similar with the real bubblegum, so I was pretty amazed about what this flavor can do.

Lemon wafer flavor

I have to confess that I have never tasted a lemon wafer before so I didn’t really know what to expect. But this time the flavor got more intense in sweetness than before and the lemon taste was not that harsh so it felt really nice. This flavor is recommendable for the ones who like more the sweet side than the sour one as the lemon will only have a role in nicely balancing the sweet flavor with each puff.

Batch candy flavor

A very interesting type of flavor is the Batch candy one where different candies are mixed together. As a result, the taste will lead you to a fruit salad taste, alongside with some sour notes. Particularly on this flavor, I was surprised at how nice the different candy flavors can get combined and the result was really sweet and good. I recommend this type of flavor for the ones who crave sugar and they also like the combined taste of different fruits.

With all this being said, the juice manufacturer Candy King Vape Juice will never disappoint the ones that love sweets or the ones who tend to have a sweet tooth sometimes. That is because the flavors of the e-liquids feel quite realistic in comparison with the sweet they imitate.

So, I would definitely recommend these type of juices for anyone around, from newbies to pros. Also, considering the good prices and the different personalized options, for sure these liquids are a very good option.

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